This 45-minutes long meeting will take place every other Fridays starting from 6 May 2022. There will be talks from staff members, postdocs, and PhD students. Any SRG news will be introduced at the beginning of the meeting. We will start having them online, using  SRG Teams. From September onwards, we expect to run them in a hybrid format.

Upcoming Talk

Date: 1st July

Speaker: Nnamdi Ekwe-Ekwe

Title: Scheduling for the edge and the cloud


The cloud plays a crucial part in the deployment of many applications today. The cloud provides centralised, dedicated and resource rich compute, networking and storage to end-users to deploy their applications on. Not all applications are suitable for the cloud however, requiring the use of low latency resources in order to meet their application SLAs. The edge is such a resource paradigm, providing a heterogeneous set of low-latency, geographically distributed (but constrained) set of resources to be used by end-users closest to the network edge. The edge is still a growing field and so deciding where to schedule applications (whether on the edge or cloud) is a current research challenge. In this talk, I present the current research challenges in scheduling for the edge and the cloud and the interesting ways researchers are seeking to address these challenges.

Scheduled Talks

22nd July, Blesson Varghese

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